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Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies (Scotland), Dr. Martin Price, confirmed presence in the Mountains 2018.

"A particular focus of mountain-based Biosphere Reserves and the UK’s UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Mountain Development is sustainable development in the context of global change. Professor Price is particularly interested in the human dimensions of global change and the effective implementation of interdisciplinary research.

He played key roles in formulating and implementing the mountain chapter of ‘Agenda 21’ and as a Principal Lead Author with the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, he shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former US Vice-President Al Gore.

In 2010, he organized the largest ever international conference of mountain scientists in Perth, Scotland, with 450 people from 60 countries.

The ‘Mountains of our Future Earth’ conference took place in October 2015, as a contribution to the Future Earth research programme, in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative and the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment.  It brought 400 people from 52 countries to Perth.

An experienced member of the UKNC’s expert network, Professor Price has represented the UK on numerous occasions in an official capacity and has acted as UK Delegate to the International Coordinating Council (ICC) of the MAB programme since 2013.  As Rapporteur of the ICC and Chair of the UK MAB National Committee, which oversees the members of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves in the UK, he has enabled the UK to demonstrate best practice in relation to the MAB programme, providing a strong voice to development of UNESCO’s 2015-2025 MAB Strategy."

Extracted from: https://www.unesco.org.uk/case-study/sustainable-mountain-development/

Postado: 08/08/2018