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International Mountain Day

Send us a photo of why mountains matter to you!

Did you know that about 13 percent of the world’s population lives in the mountains? Mountains across the globe host a rich variety of cultures. Many ancient indigenous communities live in mountains, are the holders of traditional knowledge, beliefs and practices, and speak unique languages.

Mountains provide about 70 percent of all freshwater resources, including water for drinking, irrigation and energy. However, all available records indicate that glaciers in mountain ranges around the world are retreating and disappearing due to climate change. At least 600 glaciers have disappeared completely over the past decades, affecting water supplies relied on by billions living downstream.

Mountains are also home to rare animals such as gorillas, snow leopards and the majestic tahr as well as strikingly beautiful plants such as orchids and lobelias. Most of the food that comes to our table, such as rice, potatoes, quinoa, tomatoes and barley, originated in mountains.

By capturing mountains and mountain peoples in photos, you can help promote the vast array of goods and services they provide to the planet and ensure that they are made more visible to the wider public.

We’d like you to send us photos of why mountains matter to you.

The winner of the contest will win a certificate and a copy of the FAO publication, Towards Zero Hunger 1945-2030. 

Postado: 14/11/2018

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